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Letting everyone know im going to bed in case i have some more journals written about me (': feel free to report me for prostitution while you are at it too!! G'night
When you don't check your Notifications for half an hour and have someone calling you a prostitute on their journal (':

Last time i checked, a side pick of your butt with a shirt on isn't a nude. Or prostitution (: if someone on this site hasn't seen half a butt (No orifices or anything dirty posted) then they probably shouldn't be on the internet. everyone has one XD

So just because these people decided to be pretty darn rude about it, im going to ignore them :D

Also lots of people sell pictures of themselves on this site. what?!

are you delusional.

Or retarded? or simply mad at the world for no reason (:

Anyways back to my games :D enjoy your evening everyone


Violet-Rare's Profile Picture
Erin-Rose Devlin
Artist | Varied
Hello Everyone!!!

I am a Dancer/Photographer/Artist/Selfie Enthusiast!!
I am also pretty fond of playing video games so add me on steam - Erin_devlin878 or Violetrare not sure which one is the one that works anymore :D

I try to post things often but sometimes i don't get the chance to respond to everyone, so don't feel bad or ignored if i don't find the time to respond to everyone!!

I have an amazon wishlist to (which i am posting because its my birthday soon!!!) -

I am starting to think about streaming random things like playing video games, and practicing on the pole and those kinds of things.. I will definitely need to invest in a good quality webcam tho!! I also play instruments and draw and things so all of those would be on the table for it if i did? So let me know what you think!!

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Tradition Art Commission
Commission for a traditional piece of art either full coloured, or done in ink... i dont often do backgrounds so that is up to you if you want one or not... I can also do digital but this will not be often (: depending on what you want
After First Photo Comm
Only available if you have already commissioned one photo, this is to add more from the set i take (:
Photo Commissions!!
Similar to anything that i have previously posted, you request what you want!! Please note that i will not do nudes!! Implied nude is acceptable but to an extent!!

Price is for 1 picture!! I will make a second offer for people who want multiples!


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xCupcake33x Featured By Owner 19 hours ago
You seem a good artist, and yet lately it seems you're all about selling your body image on this site.
I just cannot understand how this wouldn't find it a bit unfair, when you have such good art skills.
You offer traditional art commissions and yet I bet most of those who commission you for your photos barely know that you can draw very well.
It seems a bit unfair to yourself as an artist, in my opinion.

It's not like I want to shove my opinion down your throat, but think about it.
Also, the mature tag is needed, and it has nothing to do with dA's shitty politicies, but with common sense.
Please, keep in mind that this site is full of minors and I don't think you're being fair to them.
You don't have to do it for iRYANiC, not at all!
You should do it merely for minors.
If you were a 12 years-old, I don't think you'd like to end up on your older self's page.
Miggy64 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist
I completely agree with this comment because, yes, this profile definitely needs mature filtering.  There is absolutely no getting around it because this is mature content despite what violet thinks.  
GemzzXoX Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i wouldnt say your prostituting yourself. this is not prostitution. although the only thing id have to agree on is the mature content filter.
there are indeed quite a few minors on this site, which makes it quite important to have mature content filters on deviations that deserve them.
i dont mean to be rude in any way, so i hope you dont take it that way :)
BJohnBrooks Featured By Owner 1 day ago
why would you do this to yourself. you're too pretty for this :(
iRYANiC Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
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